Benefits of Using Kiln Dried Firewood

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After much discussion regarding kiln dried logs over the festive period and the coldest temperatures now on their way, we thought that it is important to share the benefits of kiln dried logs right now, with the ultimate intention of encouraging more people to place their log orders with leading kiln dried firewood suppliers such as Lytham Logs before it is too late. There are so many benefits to choosing kiln-dried firewood over regular firewood, and anyone wanting to learn some of these benefits can do so below.


Unhealthy wood – Much of the wood people use on their fires in unhealthy and diseased, and this can be very harmful. Kiln dried wood is much healthier and therefore a far better source of heat, the kiln drying process dried firewood at a very high temperature, killing off any pathogens, and ensure that firewood is as safe as possible.

Smoke reduction – Smoke that comes from burning regular firewood can be unpleasant to those trying to enjoy fires but also to stoves, often causing lasting damage. Kiln dried wood however holds much less moisture than regular wood, sometimes reducing moisture down to just 8%. This means that kiln dried firewood creates virtually no smoke and in turn allows for a much better environment.

Higher heat – Kiln dried wood is virtually dry and threfore burns at incredibly hot temperatures, able to heat entire homes in short periods of time. Kiln dried logs burn much hotter than other logs and the difference between the two in definitely noticeable.

Longer burn time – Kiln dried wood burns for much longer than regular damp firewood and therefore lasts longs whilst providing more heat. Kiln dried wood boasts exceptionally long burn times and is perfect for those that hate messing with the fire.

These are just some of the benefits that can enhance the lives of consumers too –Anyone requiring more information can contact a leading kiln-dried firewood supplier today such as Harpers Firewood.

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