Clearabee wins big with Co-op rubbish removal contract

The Co-op Group has just finalised a multi-million pound contract with Clearabee to handle its reactive waste.

UK-based rubbish removal company Clearabee looks set to clean up after the Co-op Group signed on the dotted line to put reactive waste handling in the firm’s capable hands. The contract is a major scoop for Clearabee, who will now be handling all of the Co-op’s unplanned waste.

Reactive waste

So-called “reactive waste” is unexpected waste which needs to be handled rapidly. If a freezer full of food breaks down, for example, the waste needs to be removed quickly before it can affect business or become a hazard to the health of employees or the general public. Another example is fly-tipping; if someone dumps a large amount of rubbish in a car park or elsewhere on an organisation’s property, it can affect business until it’s removed. Unplanned waste is a problem for any company, potentially causing loss of revenue and even public health hazards.

Cleaning up

That’s where Clearabee’s services come in. The waste management specialists will not only be providing on-demand reactive waste management to the Co-op Group’s 2,500 retail stores but also to their funeral homes — all 1,000 of them.

Over 5,000 collections

Clearabee announced that it anticipates several thousand on-demand waste collections per year, estimating that it will probably need to provide more than 5,000 collections annually for the Co-op Group’s unplanned rubbish. The work will be carried out by Clearabee’s team of 250 in-house staff and its 100-strong fleet of specialist vehicles.

Proven support

The company won the rubbish removal contract by demonstrating to the Co-op Group that they could provide the necessary support for their reactive waste needs. The Co-op Group’s senior contract manager, Abbie Case, commented that Clearabee had proven they could support the Co-op “reliably, at scale and precisely when and where” their services were required. Clearabee will be taking over from the previous holder, Biffa, having out-competed the waste management giant.

Innovative rubbish removal

Clearabee’s Founder and Managing Director, Daniel Long, commented: “This deal further demonstrates our ability to serve major retail organisations at scale and we are delighted to have been appointed by the Co-op.” Long, who founded the company in 2012, went on to say: “Our innovative approach and nationwide reach means we can respond rapidly and efficiently to the Co-op’s waste removal requests, and cut its cost associated with removing unplanned rubbish.”

Nationwide coverage

Originally started as a small firm in Northampton, Birmingham-based Clearabee now offers rubbish removal services to homes and businesses nationwide. Their large fleet of vehicles allows them to tackle all kinds of waste removal, from picking up a couple of bags from a single home to taking on the waste management needs of a large organisation like the Co-op Group. Rather than subcontract or outsource services, Clearabee uses an in-house team of dedicated staff to carry out their waste removal operations. Services they offer include skip bags, bags and sacks, man and van clearance and business waste management.

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