Expert Tips to Design Your Living Room

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Whether you’re hosting a TV night or some guests, your living room becomes the center of action in your home. It is the best space for relaxing in your home. What will determine how formal or casual your living room can be is your lifestyle. Whether casual or formal, balancing beauty with function is key.

Before buying inexpensive quality furniture, orientation and size are important factors to consider. Every piece should be proportional to the room without dominating it visually. Make sure you pick the right color and composition in each living room furniture. Here are some expert tips from Welcome to Home to design your living room:

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Top 5 Expert Living Room Design Tips

  • Create Unity in Your Living Room

Some families might want a room oriented towards television or fireplace with a beautiful flow to the garden adjacent to it. Rather than a modular chair design, you could opt for paired stand-alone arm chair made of leather. This could lead to obstruction of the visual layout and flow of the room.

If you want an elegant room with a strong ambience, opt for full-length navy linen curtains on the door frame with garden views. The navy curtain color would give your room a masculine edge.

On the other hand, the elegance and height of the curtains would ensure there is no overbearing. Such a living room facilitates a mode of relaxation in your interior space.

  • Design with Purpose

You can design your living room with crafts for elegance to meet your need for entertainment and comfortable lounging. Furnish your living room with stylish yet cheap furniture for a dramatic yet inspirational space with a sense of comfort, relaxation and calmness.

Use the Vintage Italian floor lamp and Robert Malherbe oil painting to add striking colors, reflecting your bold personality.

  • Use Artwork & Accessories to Add Texture

If you want an anchored room, the French Empire’ Chesterfield sofa could work for you. Just as you’d contrast light with dark, add layers of texture to add interest I your living room as in Hamptons design style. Don’t forget to add glamour to your living room using refurbished chandelier for a rugged look.

  • Create a Beautiful Flow

Your architect or interior designer can help you create a beautiful flow of design items indoors for an improved look. The flow could extend your living room furniture and other items outside through a full-height window. If you’re creative enough, don’t be afraid to try various DIY ideas.

  • Know Your Style

You could have an inspiration of Scandinavian style for transforming your living room. A contemporary combination of leather, marble and timber can balance the features. Soft furnishings with texture and polished brass add warmth while graphic black accents interrupt white ceiling and walls starkness.

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