We are the Best Trauma Cleaners Dayton Ohio Offers

Traumatic incidents can bring those affected by them to their knees. They don’t want to have to consider how to get the area of the incident cleaned up alone. Community organizations partner with us, the professionals, to safely clean the area and to assist those affected by the trauma on their paths to healing. When you need the best trauma cleaners Dayton Ohio can offer, know that we will be happy to help.

We offer cleaning and disinfection services for any traumatic event. We work with crime scenes, such as homicides, suicides, traumatic deaths, or unattended deaths. While some of these incidents aren’t crimes, they may be treated by such initially by local authorities.

No matter the type of trauma that has occurred, you can count on us to arrive within a short time frame. We usually arrive within an hour and then take stock of the situation. Next, we begin cleaning and are usually done within a few hours. We value the privacy of our clients and work discreetly and with a light footstep. We are deeply sensitive to the nature of the situations in which our clients find themselves, and we work to support them compassionately.

Since blood spill is common at trauma scenes, we clean the area according to biohazardous situation cleanup requirements. We are trained and certified to handle biohazardous situations and pay close attention to detail in cleaning and disinfecting areas where blood or other bodily fluids have been spilled. Blood borne pathogens can infect anyone who comes into contact with the blood, and we safely disinfect and sanitize the area to minimize the risk of possible infection.

While we can’t save every item or material at a trauma scene, we strive to return the scene to its original state and to save as many items of sentimental value for our clients as possible. We sometimes have to dispose of flooring, carpeting, drywall, or other materials that cannot be decontaminated. When we remove these items, it makes it safe for the property owner to replace the items so that the space is back to its original condition.

When you need the best trauma cleaners Dayton Ohio can offer, please contact us. No matter what kind of trauma has occurred, we are equipped to take care of the situation for you. We will be happy to help and to clean your space with integrity and compassion. We look forward to being of service.

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