Dandenong Designs: Change Your Style Today!

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When you think of bespoke furniture, what is the first thing which comes to mind?

Most likely; price. A high price. Not to mention the effort of getting the object, perhaps importing it from Europe or paying for transport across vast distances.

While it is true that custom made furniture can set you back with a hefty price tag, what if we let you in on a secret?

You could access handcrafted, custom-designed furniture, created to meet your exact needs and preferences…right here in Dandenong, Melbourne.

Think we are joking? Read on for the inside information…

Full House Furniture

Full House is a bespoke furniture store in Dandenong, dedicated to creating bespoke, individual furniture pieces which are as unique as their owner. We pride ourselves in creating top-quality pieces which are guaranteed to enhance any space and can be adapted to suit any environment which you desire.

Perhaps your lounge is full of Victorian Ash, but you just cannot find a dining table to set the whole look off. Should you settle for a mediocre, mass-produced alternative which breaks up the flow and style of the overall visual impact? Absolutely not!

Instead, choose from our variety of designs and finishes to create something personal and unique, and act as the perfect focal point for any gathering.

Perhaps you have an older house, full of quirky gaps and awkward shapes? Have you been struggling to find the perfect corner for a couch or the ideal couch for your corner? The struggle is over!

Our modulated lounge furniture is designed to work for you; not against you. Mix and match each section of the sofa to suit your space, and accessorize with cozy armchairs and useful ottomans for a comfortable yet functional finish. Add your choice of upholstery, pattern, fabric, and design to make sure the result blends in with your aesthetic, and create a truly unique masterpiece.

Relax and Recline

Everyone agrees that a recliner is an ideal way to relax, but it can be tricky finding one which matches the rest of your furniture. Full House allows you to mix and match from across the ranges, to create a sleek, uniform finish, or an eclectic mix of designs. Again: the choice is totally up to you.

Your house is a unique space, and you want it to look it’s best. It is also supposed to be the ultimate form of expression; an area which allows you to be totally, unapologetically you, and let your taste dominate.

Don’t dull your sparkle with mass-produce mediocracy. Instead, be the envy of your friends with furniture which was, quite literally, made for you. Combine functionality, comfort, and style for the best furniture in Melbourne. Even better, all pieces are created in Australia, so you have the bonus of supporting local businesses and reducing your carbon footprint, all while relaxing in super chic surroundings. What are you waiting for? Check us out today, and start building your dream home.

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