Insights into various types of timber

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The timber is available in many varieties. You must have the knowledge about every kind for choosing the best one for you. Since different varieties have some special characteristics, you should buy one after checking for your own requirements. There are many dealers which sell the timber at lower prices but you must check the quality of timber before buying it. Many dealers like the Manomin Resawn Timbers offer you the best quality timber with the guarantee for many years.

Here are some timber types that you can consider purchasing:


The best quality of these timbers is that they are resistant to insects. The presence of some traces of oil in it makes it resistant to the insects. It is basically white in color but becomes yellow on hardening. It has fragrance in it which actually attracts the consumer.

Chid wood:

Another name of this wood is the chir wood which is actually of the dark brown color but becomes reddish brown on hardening. It is used in making many interior house products. It has characteristic smell of some oil in it. It is mostly used in the manufacturing of furniture.

Kail wood:

This is the most durable wood found in the region of the Himalayas. It actually yields the hard wood which is very convenient to paint. It is cross grained and hence very strong. It has major uses in manufacturing of the packing case and the wooden doors.

Fir wood:

This timber is actually in light brown color at the initial stage and gets converted to dark brown color on hardening. Since it is not much resistant to insects, it is best for manufacturing the cabinet doors and the doors.

Timber has a long life if you take care of it properly. Also, these woods do not need much maintenance and can serve you for years.

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