Things To Know About Gate Security

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You might find this weird, but even though a gate is considered to be a security structure, it also needs the right protection. And because it is usually the first line of defense for most homes and places of business, it can be difficult to protect. After all, how can you protect something that is out there in the open, with a common design or structure that can be climbed easily?

Some people can even find it confusing why a gate is used anyway, or what exactly is its purpose, and how does it keep our homes and offices safe?Well, that is what we will discuss in today’s topic. Apart from that, we will also go over the different types of gates, which one will be the safest and most suitable for you, as well as its advantages and disadvantages.

Here are the most important things you should know about gate security.

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  • What Is A Gate?

To get it out of the way and make things clear, a gate is not a fence nor is it a type of door. A door is a moving obstruction which you can lock, unlock, open, and close while a fence is a mere stationary barrier to prevent or at least slow down the possibility of access. A gate, however, is like the door of a fence. It is somewhere between a fence and a door with an opening to a barrier and only three sides to the frame.

Gates can be made out of any material, but it is commonly made out of wood, metal, or the combination of both. It can be secured in different ways depending on the level of security you need. The design and structure of the gate will also determine what kind of lock is most suitable.

Gates are considered a locked door, therefore yes, it does offer security. While the level of security will depend on the installation, gate style, and proper maintenance, there is no denying that having a gate will keep you, your home, or your place of the business safe.

  • Types Of Problematic Gates

Gates come in all forms and sizes, and the type you choose will determine how secure it can be. To avoid easy access for intruders, it’s better to avoid these three types of problematic gates.

A short gate is probably the worst type of gate next to having no gate at all. While it can work especially with a specific type of lock, a gate that’s too short can easily be stepped or climbed over, making the lock completely irrelevant.

Gates with small perforations make it easier for outsiders to see somehow what’s inside. A gate like this makes it convenient for criminals to assess your security by simply taking a peak.

Gates with larger perforations will allow not only a clearer vision but also the access to reach into or through the gate.This type of gate requires a smarter lock type so a criminal can’t open the gate easily.

  • Additional Security

There are many ways to increase your gate’s security such as placing barbed wires around the fence and the gate. Another clever way to secure your gate is to grow roses along the gate walls. It becomes an obstacle for any criminal thanks to the rose thorns and thick bush covering the wall.

It is also important to consider the design of the gate. Avoid styles with foot or handholds and opt for a flat and tall gate instead. For locks, make sure to consult an expert locksmith first before purchasing and installing one. Check out learn about locksmith services and lock types for gates.

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Final Word

Gates can be tricky; that’s why it’s important to learn as much about it as you can. With this information, hopefully, you’ll be able to assess your current gate security and make any changes that can increase your protection.

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