Will a Surveillance System Reduce Bullying in Schools?

Bullying can be defined as a form of physical, verbal or psychological abuse that occurs between schoolchildren, repeatedly and over time.

Bullying should be separated from violence, isolated or occasional incidents among students or students. Bullying normally occurs at hidden places, the restrooms, playing ground, classrooms when the teacher is not looking, locker rooms and other places.

Elements of Bullying

  • Imbalance of power: an exercise of the verbal, physical or psychological force of the harasser with respect to the harassed.
  • Intentionality: A conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten one student against another.
  • Reiteration: the aggressive action is repeated over time and generates in the victim the expectation of being the target of future attacks.

Bullying has a significant negative effect on children’s mental health, quality of life and academic performance. Frequently bullied children mostly feel like strangers in school and likely to miss school as those who are not frequently bullied. They have lower academic performance than their peers and are also more likely to leave formal education after completing high school.

However, bullying has decreased in nearly half of the 71 countries and territories studied, and a similar proportion of countries has also experienced a reduction in fighting or physical attacks. These countries share a number of success factors, including a desire to promote a healthy and positive school climate and environment, effective systems for reporting and monitoring violence and harassment in schools, programs and interventions based evidence, training and support for teachers, support and referrals for the students involved, student empowerment and participation.

Having Homeland Safety Systems install surveillance is the best way to ensure that you keep a tab on what is going on around the school premises. This will help tackle bullying and reduce it to the minimum.

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